This walkthrough is designed to take beginners and intermediate users through the process of converting a DVD into a fully-featured XviD movie. It also includes instructions for converting DVDs with multiple episodes. To use the walkthrough you must have a PC with at least a Pentium III or equivalent, a DVD-ROM drive, and up to 10 gigs of free hard drive space. No prior experience with video encoding is necessary. Simply follow the directions from beginning to end for a high-quality product.

The XviD codec was chosen because it provides the best picture quality of all ASP codecs. Ogg Vorbis audio was chosen because it out-performs other lossy codecs at low bitrates and medium bitrates. The Matroska container was chosen because of its flexibility, and because it takes up less space in the final file. All three are open source and free.

NOTE: Every movie has different characteristics, so if you want a video file of absolutely optimal quality, you'll have to tailor every aspect of the encoding process to the movie. To learn how to do that, carefully search the Doom9 forums.

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